The Library of Philosophical Historical Literary Area



  Silence is imposed in the Library

It is prohibited to introduce food and drink, umbrellas, bags or other containers.

It is not allowed to call nor keep ringtones in operation or to chat in group.

Users are obliged to respect this regulation in its entirety and to observe a behaviour that does not disturb other users of the Library.


  • Means of access:
    • Users of the University
  • Users of the School of Humanities and Philosophy access the Library with a personal badge. The badge is requested by filling in the appropriate online form and will be available within seven days from the date of the request.


Please note that the request will only be granted if it meets the criteria set out in the international standard for the issuance of electronic documents: card/

The badge must be returned at the time of authorisation for the degree.

  •  Students, teaching and non teaching staff of the other Schools/macroareas of University of Rome Tor Vergata

Users of other Schools access by presenting a document certifying their membership in the University (badge of their own Library, other)

All members of the Library are obliged to notify promptly any changes in address or telephone number


  • Users of University of Rome Roma Tre

 Users of University Roma Tre access the spaces and all the services of the Library, by affiliation. Entry with own books is allowed.

The personal data provided are protected by current legislation ((D.L. n° 101 -10 agosto 2018, “regolamento relativo alla protezione delle persone fisiche con riguardo al trattamento dei dati personali, nonchè alla libera circolazione di tali dati”)


  • External scholars


External scholars can only access the bibliographic material after presentation of a guarantee and a valid identification document. In addition, they may apply for a temporary access badge, valid for a maximum period of one year, if necessary. In case of loss of the badge, the holder will have to make request for duplicate near the distribution office submitting a declaration of self-certified loss


  • Opening Times


Monday – Friday 8.30 AM – 00.00

Saturday – Sunday 10.00 AM – 08.00 PM

All services, from Monday to Friday, end at 6.30 PM.


  • Reading and loan


3.1  Users have free access to the bibliographic material in the Reading Hall, placed on open shelves

At the end of the consultation, the volumes or dossiers taken up for reading must be left on the tables

The repositioning of the volumes on the shelves is a responsibility of the staff.

It is possible to request to the staff in service to reserve the volumes already in consultation for the next day. Are excluded from this service: the periodicals of the current year, the textbooks of the last three years, the manuals.


3.2 The loan service is managed by IT.

The loan is personal, it is not allowed to cede the works borrowed to others;

The loan has a duration of 30 days for a maximum of 3 volumes and 6 tomes at a time and is renewable once for 15 days. In case the same volumes have been requested by other users, the renewal will not be granted.

Any further requests for renewal must be justified and authorized by the manager of the Library.

For didactic and research needs, it is allowed to retain the requested work on loan for a longer period than indicated above to be agreed with the staff of the Library.

Those who, upon receipt of the notice of return, do not promptly hand back the required books, shall lose the right to borrow.

Users are obliged not to damage with underlining, ripping, marginal notes etc., texts obtained in reading or borrowing, under penalty of temporary or definitive exclusion from the library frequency and the loan.

If the borrowed or read work is lost or badly damaged, the user will have to replace it with another new copy. When this is not possible, the user will be required to pay the equivalent of the costs incurred by the Library to replace the work.


3.3 The following publications are excluded from the loan:

  • The manuals and reference works (encyclopedias, dictionaries, collections…)
  • Rare volumes
  • Volumes published before 1900
  • Periodicals (teaching staff of the University excluded)
  • Exam papers of the last three years
  • Volumes of special collections
  • CDs
  • any other publication that, for special needs, the Library Management considers necessary to limit the consultation to reading only


Photocopying service (self-service)

 In the photocopying room, located inside the Reading Hall, are available 3 photocopying machines and a dispenser of prepaid cards worth € 2.50 (for 61 p.) or € 5.00 (for 138 p.)

For information about service, please contact the staff at the Library desk.

The service is regulated by the applicable regulations. (L. 18.08.2000 n° 248)


Computer terminal for blind persons


The Library is provided with a computer reading station for the blind and visually impaired, with Braille keyboard with the aid of speech synthesis.

The aim of the service is to enable visually handicapped people to use the works in the Library.

All people with visual handicap and their carers can access the service.

To access the computer, please book at the desk.

  • 6) ILL – (InterLibraryLoan) Prestito interbibliotecario nazionale – internazionale (DD) – Document Delivery


6.1 ILL – (InterLibraryLoan)


This service offers the entitled the possibility to request, from national and foreign libraries, the loan of volumes (ILL), or parts of volumes, photocopies of documents or articles of periodicals (DD) not owned by the Library and difficult to reach or find by the scholar.

The service is reserved to teachers, students of the School of Humanities and Philosophy authorized by their lecturer or by a teacher of the course


  • The requested volumes are lent for a maximum period of 30 days, unless otherwise indicated by the Library, while the photocopies of parts of volume remain in the possession of the applicant.
  • It’s possible to request max. 2 works at a time
  • Please note that the waiting times of the requested volumes do not depend on the applicant Library.
  • At the end of the expiry of the loan term, the books will be returned even if not consulted by the applicant, who will, however, be required to pay for the service.


The service does not include urban requests except for the municipal libraries belonging to PIM – Inter-Library loan (Sistema Bibliotecario Roma Capitale e Castelli Romani), in affiliation, which can be accessed by all the academic users of University of Tor Vergata by contacting the Library belonging to the membership.

for interlibrary loan applications:

for PIM applications:

The interlibrary service may be free of charge if it is provided on a reciprocal basis between the libraries which provide it, or may involve forms of payment such as: bank or post payment or ifla voucher.

Starting from 1° February 2016, the costs of IFLA Voucher, of the maximum value of 8.00 euros each, are at the expense of the Library of the Literary Philosophical Historical Area.


The user is obliged to refund:


  • postal charges incurred by lending libraries through payment to a postal or bank account;
  • any service costs, if required.


The requests submitted cannot be cancelled, the applicant is obliged, however, to provide for the reimbursement of the related postal expenses incurred by the Library and any expenses required by the sending Library.


6.2 DD – Document Delivery

For Document Delivery applications:


To facilitate the Document Delivery service, the library adheres to NILDE.


  • Bibliographies or lists of articles are not accepted
  • Photocopies of three items can be requested at a time
  • The number of requests for each user may be limited by service needs


Once the request has been sent, the Library will inform the user of the arrival of the document, via e-mail or by phone.

Non-compliance with the rules shall result in exclusion from the service.


  • Consultation of the Catalogue of University and Internet access: terms and conditions


In the Reading Hall of the Library are available to users 7 multimedia stations for access to the Internet for the sole purpose of documentation and research.

If there are users waiting to use the occupied stations, please limit their use to a time needed to complete the search, to allow everyone to use the service.

Documents may only be downloaded from internet on portable devices with a USB connection.

The Library is also covered by its own wi-fi network. The access to the wi-fi network can be done with the userid and password of the University ( If you do not have one, you can request a temporary userid and password.

Users are obliged to make appropriate use of the means available, respecting the information and documentation purposes for which they are intended.

It is strictly forbidden:


  • To violate the security of the local and remote computer system;
  • To damage or alter the hardware and software components of any computer, network or database;
  • The unauthorized use of accounts, access codes or IP identification numbers;
  • To violate the licensing conditions of any software;
  • To iolate the privacy of third parties;
  • To access illegitimately to any third party file;
  • unauthorized copying of copyrighted material;
  • install any software or part of it;
  • Using the e-mail.

The use of all the equipment is subject to approval and control by the staff.

The costs resulting from any damage caused by misuse of the equipment shall be charged by the user